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You may have heard about the recent floods in Townsville, North Queensland, where our studio is located and where Fiona (aka Mum) lovingly handcrafts every single Next of Kin product.

In an effort to contribute to the disaster relief, we have decided to release a mini drop of mugs online from the 'Colours Of The Coastline Collection'. $5 from each sale will go towards flood relief in Townsville.

We are so, so thankful that our studio was not affected by the floods but many people in our community (including close friends of ours) have lost their entire homes and all their possessions. It has been a devastating and heartbreaking few weeks for North Queensland and the aftermath just seems to reveal more and more tragedy.

But North Queenslanders are resilient (like our little mugs here) and we will rebuild! The collection is very small for now (only 20 available) as it has been quite difficult for mum to coordinate this amidst the clean-up efforts but we may release more soon if we can. Your support is greatly appreciated!! (+ you will get one of these gems to keep and love for the rest of your days) WIN-WIN.

Shop the Coastline Connection mini series here.

Love Suzanne x