The Coastline Connection \ Mini Series

The Coastline Connection Mini Series is a small selection of handmade pottery mugs that we have chosen to make available for online purchase in an effort to contribute to disaster relief in Townsville after the recent floods. $5 from each sale will go towards flood relief efforts. 

Our ceramics studio is located in Townsville and while the studio was not affected, many people have lost entire homes and all their belongings. It has been a truly devastating and heartbreaking time for our community and in the midst of the clean up, we have decided to make these mugs available for purchase in the hope of contributing in any way we can to the relief.

These little babies were created as part of our wider 'Colours Of The Coastline' collection. Featuring a speckled off-white glaze and splashes of striking cobalt, the mugs were designed and lovingly handmade to embody and emanate the beautiful Australian coastline that we so love. At Next Of Kin, we hold a deep reverence for the ocean and would invite you to bring this thoughtfully-made vessel into your morning ritual as a tiny token to remind you of the peaceful, soothing nature of the ocean.

While Mother Nature has been a powerful and destructive force in recent weeks, she is truly such a beautiful muse and can be the source of so much inspiration and inner calm that we hope you can infuse into the act of sipping from your mug of warmth.


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