The Next of Kin Moment

Handmade pottery mugs for stillness drinkers, slow moment seekers and morning ritual keepers.


At Next of Kin we want to help you infuse your tiniest moments with a little bit of slow, earthy goodness. We hope that drinking from a Next of Kin mug is an experience that completely envelopes you in warmth and appreciation for stillness and all those little things in life that we tend to skim over. It is a chance to take a quiet moment out of your busy day and really let yourself soak up the warmth in that.

Next of Kin is about moving away from fast-paced consumption and towards wholesome little chunks of time that really feed the soul. Each Next of Kin mug is handcrafted and stoneware fired in our North Queensland studio, making every mug that little bit different and unique.


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