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This first chunk of 2020 has been unexpected and strangely challenging to say the least. But I have noticed a few beautifully inspiring and what seem to be collectively consistent thoughts and words floating around our world. They revolve around 3 big and important things that the entire globe seem to be embracing as one.

The first is the importance of sanctuary; of a safe place to retreat to, to call home and to make into your own haven. The second is the importance of our human connections with one another; of our family and friends and ultimate need to come together in ways that are uplifting and nurturing. And the third is the importance and honouring of the Earth, of time spent in nature and perhaps more than a few of us have been pondering how we as a species choose to impact the world around us, and how we can cautiously come back out of our sanctuaries, and return to the planet differently.

With this sentiment in mind, we introduce you to a collection inspired by the raw material that our ceramics are born from; 'Of The Earth'.

Clay that is taken from the planet below our feet, rich with soil to be dug, and gently guided into a new shape by human hands, using ancient techniques that have been mastered over decades of practice. The mud then baked into solid, durable form in collaboration with the element of fire, becomes a functional treasure ready to continue it's journey from our little studio here in North Queensland, into your lovely home.

Next Of Kin exists as an ever-evolving and shifting invitation, in the form of our beautiful ceramic wares, to allow your mind to wander into these wonderings - where do your everyday at-home objects come from? How are you using them to make your life beautiful? How are you choosing to live in harmony with our Earth?

The original and most beautiful artist of life itself - constantly gifting us clay to play with, air to breathe, water to drink and beauty to be both crafted and appreciated.

This collection is a celebration of the Earth.

Made 'Of The Earth'.


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Ceramics by Fiona Banner.

Words + Photography by Suzanne Pilcher.