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The Re~Connection Collection is a ceramic narrative commenting on the interconnectedness of all things and the beauty that exists in unique expression and individually handcrafted pieces of functional art, while still remaining an essential part of the whole. The pieces were originally inspired by the movement of rivers through the land and the relationship between water and earth, which gives birth to clay that can then be crafted into our ceramics. With this sentiment in mind, we’d very much like to pay our respects to the traditional custodians of the land that we live and create on; the Wulgurukaba people.

Re~Connection; The Collection also speaks to the silver linings of 2020, bringing families back together around the dinner table, and inviting people to pay thoughtful attention to the everyday objects within their homes and their lives. Perhaps taking a moment to consider how our purchases affect the planet and the people that created them, in addition to just our own personal experience using them. As well as inviting us to consider the life force that flows through all humans and all things and ultimately connects us all as equals, in such a divisive time, where so many inequalities have been highlighted, this is something that I absolutely encourage people to think on.

It also definitely encompasses a far more personal narrative for me, having spent nearly 7 years living away from my family, the last couple of which I was travelling internationally and living an incredibly nomadic life that saw me touching down in a new country every couple of months.

This year; the infamous 2020 - perhaps the most collectively challenging in recent times - has been a deeply grounding and connecting time for Mum and myself. My plans to continue skipping whimsically from country to country were derailed and we have found ourselves spending more time together than we have in well over a decade, the result of which has been this collection of ceramics and to be honest, just quite a nice time together, which I am very grateful for (and the privilege of which does not go unnoticed or unappreciated). We have worked very collaboratively to design and create this new collection; which we are incredibly proud of, and are so excited to finally be able to share with you all, our beautiful extended kin. 

We truly hope that this extension of our tumblers and mugs into a full set of dining tableware is something that will help to bring more handmade, artful beauty into your homes and your daily life experiences, particularly through this strange section of history that we are living through.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and I hope that you are all keeping safe, well and looking after yourselves, and each other.

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Your choice to shop with and support our creations, and us, means the world, as always.



Ceramics by Fiona Banner.

Words + Photography by Suzanne Pilcher.