OM10 - Oceania Mug
OM10 - Oceania Mug
OM10 - Oceania Mug
OM10 - Oceania Mug

OM10 - Oceania Mug

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OM10 is the tenth little baby in our "Oceania" collection 

Inspired by the ever-shifting rhythms, movements and colours of the ocean, this collection features a smooth white base, lovingly splashed with beautiful tones of oceanic blue-green and a hint of sandy brown. 

At Next Of Kin, we hold a deep reverence for the ocean and would invite you to bring this thoughtfully-made vessel into your daily ritual as a token to remind you of the peaceful, soothing nature of the ocean. 


As always, we hope that drinking from a Next of Kin mug is an experience that completely envelopes you in warmth and appreciation for slow living and all those little things in life that we tend to skim over.

We believe in sustainability and the preservation of planet earth. In purchasing our Next of Kin mug, we encourage you to move away from fast-paced, single use cups that only create landfill, and towards wholesome little chunks of time that are nourishing for both your soul and our planet.


Approximate Measurements //

Diameter: 9cm

Height: 7.5cm

Volume: 270ml


Stoneware fired ceramics.