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We live in an age of fast-paced consumption. Whether it’s information, images, food, lifestyle products and more. We want it now. We want it easy and we want more more more. Feeding into this state of being means that people do not truly absorb so many beautiful moments of their life.

With this in mind, we have partnered with Mayde Tea to become part of the movement that has begun in many millennials to move away from these unhealthy patterns and towards slow, thought-provoking lifestyles.

Founded by Kate Dalton, who has studied naturopathy, nutrition and herbal medicine, we have been long admiring the Mayde Tea brand and Kate's ethos. As such, we could not be more excited to be able to bring into world the Mayde Tea x Next of Kin collaboration mug, which will be exclusively available at from today as well as in Kate's brand new retail space, Mayde Space, in Byron Bay.

We have joined forces to present to you what we hope is a beautifully rounded message of wellness for not only the the body and soul, but for our planet alike. We do this by fusing Mayde Tea's range of artesan teas and dedication to natural products designed to nourish the body, with our earth-crafted mugs and our idealogies of slow living and stillness. 

Nourishment for the body, stillness for the mind, food for the soul and thoughtfulness for the planet \ This is the message we hope to send out into the world with Mayde Tea x Next of Kin.


The collaboration mug is exclusively available for purchase here and in Kate's retail space, Mayde Space, in Byron Bay.






Ceramics by Fiona Banner
Photos by Suzanne Pilcher
Styling by Philly Smirk
Assistance by Hilary Moloughney
Model : Helena Doyle
Clothing by Interval